iHome iDM5 Reviewed by iPhone Speaker Reviews

The new iDM5 iPad Bluetooth keyboard was reviewed by iPhone Speaker Reviews. They gave the iDM5 high marks for sound quality, design, and Bluetooth setup.

Atlanta, Ga July 10th, 2012

iPhone Speaker Reviews (http://iphonespeakerreviews.com), just published their review of the iHome iDM5. The editors tested the iDM5 to see how well it performed in a number of areas. These areas included the iDM5 for sound quality, design, and Bluetooth setup.

Sound Quality was also reviewed by iPhone Speaker Reviews. it was described as “...pretty good for the size and construction of the iDM5...while browsing the internet or answering emails, we thought it was very satisfactory."

The editors reviewed the Bluetooth connection carefully to see if there were any bugs or connection errors. The review said, "The connection is solid. Especially if you have the iPad resting on the stand. There are no cords ... which keeps things clean between the iDM5 and iPad."

When it comes to design, the review went into more detail. It went over each of the main traits like keyboard and convenience. Here is what it said: "The keyboard is designed to have a similar layout to Apple's keyboards...Typing on the keyboard is quick and responsive. It's lightweight, sounds good, and gives you access to a keyboard anywhere. It's perfect for taking to a coffee shop to set up for a couple hours." The review went on to point out some design preferences that the editor had but, overall, the design comments were positive.

Editor, David Blane, said, “The iDM5 is a breakthrough for the iPad. Since tablets have been on the rise, people have wanted a way to use keyboards with them effectively. So far, the iDM5 is the best solution we have seen. We did have a few criticisms that you can read in our review, but overall it does exactly what it says it will.”

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