About iPhone Speaker Reviews


iPhone Speaker Reviews is me, Steven Johnson and the site visitors that have left reviews.

I own my own business where design and develop websites for small to medium businesses.

I am married, have a little girl, live in Atlanta, GA, my wife and I both use iPhones and have many iPhone speaker systems.

I first started using iPod speaker systems out of a necessity to listen to music when I didn't have earphones or a computer around. Around Christmas 2005 I searched for a good system and found it can be really confusing to know which system to buy. I decided to start iPod Speaker Reviews (and then iPhone Speaker Reviews) in order to help myself and others figure out exacly what is out there.

About the Editor and User Reviews

The editor reviews are all first hand experiences with that particular system. I try to get my hands on as many good speaker systems as I can.

The user review policy is to publish all user reviews, but if a review is overtly negetive or dramatically positive, the review sometimes has been unpublished.

The objective is to keep everything as balanced as possible.

Why does iPhone Speaker Reviews exist?

I was frustrated with the confusion I experienced when I looked for an iPhone Speaker System and thought it would be better for everyone if I could find a way to simplify the process. I had first hand experience with trying to buy an iPhone speaker system, so I started this site as a testing ground to learn what makes review sites helpful and effective. Over the years iPhone Speaker Reviews has evolved to what it is now.

Are the reviews independent? or do they promote certain product?

The reviews are independent. We do not promote any certain brand. We only review the product.

Where do we get the time and money to manage iPhone Speaker Reviews?

Like most blogs and review sites, we use Google Ads to provide us with some monitary income to offset the cost of designing, managing, maintaining, and hosting the site.

Questions or Comments?

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About iPhone Speaker Reviews

iPhoneSpeakerReviews.com is a directory of iPhone Speaker models and companies, offering in-depth iPhone Speaker editor and user reviews, exclusive deals, coupons and expert iPhone Speaker advice.

Inside you'll find expert customer reviews of all iPhone Speakers including guides, tips and tutorial on iPhones and iPhone Speakers.

Our mission: to be the most comprehensive iPhone Speaker Review website available online. And, most importantly, to be valuable resource for those new to iPhones and iPhone Speakers.

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