Incase Metallic Slider

Incase Metallic Slider

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Incase Metallic Slider

Price & Model

Metallic Slider

Case Features

Case Type
  • Rubber
  • Plastic
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Drop Protection
Works With
Device Holster
Dock Accessible
Battery Pack Capable
  • Black
  • Red

Incase Metallic Slider Details & Features

Making portability for the iPhone much easier, the Incase Metallic Slider combines the sturdiness of a hard shell and the compactness of a thin case. It’s made from durable plastic with rubber guardrails on the inside for shock protection.

Incase Metallic Slider Highlights

Hardshell durable construction
Accessible buttons and ports
Easy to take with you
Soft to the touch
Stylish design

Incase Metallic Slider Description

This hardshell plastic case protects the iPhone from scratches and shocks. It has a sturdy frame that can take a beating. It will also keep your iPhone from getting scratched. It is just thin enough to fit into your pocket while being just thick enough to provide significant damage resistance.

The design of the Metallic slider is elegant and smooth. It resembles a metallic finish but feels soft to the touch which provides a good grip. Accessing the buttons and ports is easy with this case.

The Incase Metallic Slider is perfect for those who need to fit it into their pockets and take it with them. It also comes with stand that holds the iPhone at a horizontal angle for watching videos.

Great For:

Shock and scratch protection
Elegant design
Watching videos

What’s in the Box?

Slider Case
iPhone stand

Editor review

(Updated: February 02, 2012)
Overall rating 

Great protection from a slender case

The design of the Incase Metallic Slider is cool and convenient. For the time being it is my case of choice. I am particularly impressed with its good design.

The Incase Metallic Slider construction is very sturdy. Even though it’s thin (it is slightly thicker than many other similar cases), it provides a more protection but without adding any bulk. To the user, this difference is hardly noticeable, which is I consider this an important feature.

Access to the buttons and ports are all open making it easy to adjust volume, dock the iPhone, and plug in headphones. Additionally the removable bottom section makes your iPhone very accessible. With the case on, the iPhone will fit into most docks, but should the situation arise where you can’t dock the iPhone because the case is in the way, this bottom section is easy to remove.

Other mentionable factors of this case include the fact it is easy to grip but the paint job is not the best and the texture of the case makes keeps it from sliding around in your hand, while still easily slipping into your pocket.

One possible con the end colors were mismatched. It may just have been our review case, but the paint on the removable bottom is a different shade of red than the rest of the case (also looks more glossy).

This case protects very well for it’s slender design. There are cases out there built for super-rugged environments, this case is not. It is built for someone who wants to keep the iPhone in their pocket or purse and not worry about the phone if it takes a small tumble. It also does well to protect from scratches.

The hard-shell plastic case is soft to the touch and provides a nice grip. Comparing the plastic on this case to other cases its size there is a difference in thickness that will provide better protection from falls and drops than other cases this size.

Like I mentioned earlier, the buttons and ports are not covered which allows for the possibility of dirt and corrosion inside of them. The flip side of exposed ports is easy access for docking, plugging in headphones, etc... For a small lightweight case, easy access is preferred.

It would be wise to get a screen protector to go with this case. The case has a lip which provides some front screen protection when the phone is set face down. Even still, scratches on the glass are inevitable and best avoided by using a screen protector.

This case will perform well in the long run because it slightly thicker than other cases it’s size. It is less expensive than the more rugged cases, which is nice.

The retail cost is around $34. With a little bit of shopping around I have seen it at Amazon for around $23.

The Incase Metallic Slider is a slender, convenient case with better protection capabilities than the competition. I like this case because it is easily portable, protects well and keeps iPhone functionality accessible.

I did not like the color miss-match. It leaves me looking for new one with better color. Although, out of the cases I have reviewed, I have used this one the most because of it’s design. My suggestion is avoid the “Metallic Raspberry” color unless you call them and are ensured that the color will not miss-match when it arrives.

Pros and Cons

Slim Design
Modern sleek look
Protects from drops and falls
Texture is soft to the touch
Easy to grip
Miss-matching color top and bottom
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