Bluetooth iPhone Speakers Explained

bluetoothThe Bluetooth standard has been around for several years and is only now starting to be integrated into iPhone speaker systems.

Bluetooth enabled speakers allow you to pair your iPhone with the speakers. Once paired you can play music wirelessly, making it possible to keep your iPhone with you while moving around.

What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a radio transmission that uses short wavelengths to deliver information. It signal is best suited for close range use, but with optimal wireless synchronization with devices. (Bluetooth on Wikipedia)

How Bluetooth works?

It’s a close range radio signal that is designed to sync devices quickly and easily over radio waves.

Why do you need this?

Over the years different cell phone companies have been making drastic improvements on implementing Bluetooth to their devices. The iPhone is one of the best devices for this use because of it’s easy interface and stable design.

If you are looking for wireless way to change a song from the bed, couch or just don’t want to walk across the room, Bluetooth offers an easy way to connect to a specific device for easy control of your speakers.

Bluetooth Enabled iPhone Speaker Systems:

Bose SoundDock10


9.3 User Rating

The Bose SoundDock 10 digital music system features Bose's revolutionary waveguide speakers, which deliver deeper, stronger sounds straight to your iPod...

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The iHome iA100 - Brand New


The iHome iA100 is the newest premium alarm clock radio to feature Bluetooth. iHome is a well-known and trusted brand... 

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The iHome iP47

iHome iP47 230

The iHome iP47 has Bluetooth 2.0 support that allows your iPhone to make and receive calls. By presisng the "eject" button on the iHome iP47 just below a large integrated digital clock also reveals a hidden set of buttons which allows you to dial the iPhone. The unit also comes with a built-in speakerphone...

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