elago S4 Glide iPhone Case Review

elago S4 Glide iPhone Case Review

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elago S4 Glide iPhone Case Review

Price & Model

S4 Glide

Case Features

Case Type
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Screen Protector
Works With
  • 4
  • 4s
Device Holster
Dock Accessible
Battery Pack Capable
  • White
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green
  • Pink

S4 Glide Details & Features

The Elago S4 Glide is a sleek iPhone case that protects the iPhone from scratches and drops. It is made with durable plastic that keeps it safe at all times. It is not big or clunky, which allows for easy access to the buttons and ports.

S4 Glide Highlights

  • Smooth elegant design
  • Tough plastic
  • Easy access to buttons
  • Light weight
  • Comes with screen protector

S4 Glide Description:

Elago’s S4 Glide is a great design for those who are looking for a lightweight, durable case. The S4 will keep your iPhone safe without taking up too much room in your pocket. The surface is smooth but is easy to grip.

If you are worried about drops the Glide will keep you iPhone protected from shock and scratches. With it’s durable hardshell construction, the Elago S4 Glide keeps iPhones safe without a problem.

The Glide lives up to it’s name becuase of it’s slick feel. Keeping it in your pocket or purse won’t damage it at all. On top of the great case that surrounds the phone, there are glass protectors that come with the case. These cover remaining exposed areas on the iPhone.

Great For:

  • Those who want a case that compliments the iPhone desgin
  • Durable hardshell protection
  • Lightweight design

What’s in the Box?

  • iPhone Case
  • Microfiber clothe
  • Screen and back glass protectors

Editor review

Overall rating 

Lightweight, tight-fitting design that looks cool

The elago S4 Glide works well as a lightweight, convenient case. It’s strengths are that it adds little bulk or weight to the iPhone, it looks nice, and it has a removable bottom. It’s weaknesses are that it is made from lower quality plastic that shows smudges and scratches and it doesn’t provide adequate protection against large drops.

Overall the design is well thought out and it is made from hard plastic which is covered in a polyurethane coating giving it a sleek look.

The surface is reflective and shiny like the iPhone. The downside to the case exterior is that smudges and scratches on the case are more apparent.

There is a small seam that runs around the outside of the case that could have been removed or smoothed out. This seam makes it obvious where the case was put together which adds a cheapness to the case’s feel and look.

One of the best features of this case is the removable bottom half for docking. Many who use iPhone speakers or docks know that cases often can get in the way. Having an easily removable case bottom solves this problem.

With some audio cables the case gets in the way around the headphone jack. It fits the Apple designed headphones but other types of headphones did not fit.

The S4 Glide is a great option for protection against small accidents. It is not made to withstand being submerged under water or trampled over by horses, but if your phone falls a couple of feet it should be fine. It will do well against scratches because it covers nearly the whole phone and also comes with a screen protector to keep the front glass on the iPhone from getting scratched.

The price is set high for a plastic case that offers only minor protection. This case’s value is in how well it blends with the iPhone 4/4s glass.

The elago S4 Glide is protects against small amounts of damage and looks cool. Overall this case fits the style of the iPhone’s look, fits tightly around to provide hardly noticeable weight and protects against small amounts of damage. This case is designed for looks, light weight construction and convenient size.

Pros and Cons

Case fits the iPhone tightly
Protects from scratches and small drops
Bottom of case is easily removed for docking
Buttons, ports and speakers are easily accessible
Surface smears and scratches easily
Seam is visible around the case border
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